Who will be helped with Compassionate Mediation®?

You or your partner might feel trapped in habitual patterns that create “walls” that prevent you from being your best SELF in your relationship. You may have forgotten or neglected to relate with kindness to the person you once promised to love forever. You might also feel angry and judgmental at yourself as well as your spouse.

You may be ambivalent about whether to try marriage counseling (again) or just file for divorce. You might feel overwhelmed, scared, or lost in indecision. Fear, uncertainty, anger and resentment have possibly impacted your relationship over time.

Compassionate Mediation® is for you if you want to try to create a new and better marriage instead of proceeding towards a break up or divorce with hurt and anger.

The sooner Compassionate Mediation® is begun, the better as both parties are informed, empowered and coming from their best SELF.