What does the Compassionate Mediation® Process include?

In the first session, you learn a new way to communicate and begin to talk about all the issues that have created distance or conflict. You also consider what your rights and responsibilities would be if you wanted to create a new marriage, separate, file for a legal separation, or pursue a divorce.

In each session, there is time for individual conversations and time to meet as a couple. With empathy, honesty and compassion, the facts and feelings are addressed and all possibilities considered.

You and your partner are both encouraged to consider how your actions and choices have contributed to the current situation.

With no fault or blame, you are free to co-create new solutions with higher consciousness and more SELF-leadership.

When each party is in “SELF”, you are more compassionate, clear, confident, courageous, and connected to your inner wisdom and deeper knowing.

Whether you stay together (and create a new and better relationship) or get divorced, what you learn in the Compassionate Mediation® Process will enhance all their current relationships and give you more awareness in future relationships.

You can decide to create a new marriage, separate without any legal papers, decide on a legal separation or work together to dissolve your union with a SELF-led Divorce®.

Whatever your ultimate decision, healing can happen and peace can be restored.

Love is the answer – and it starts with loving your SELF.