What can I hope to accomplish in the Compassionate Mediation® Process?

Compassionate Mediation® allows each partner to feel heard, understood and validated no matter what final outcome is chosen. Time is provided for you to consider all your options – individually and as a couple.

Often, many of the decisions that would be addressed in a divorce mediation are covered in this process: money, parenting, roles and responsibilities, and any other issues that are causing hurt or dissension.

This way, you can begin to recognize what you have each contributed to the current situation, and what you can do yourself to make it better, including getting a job, helping more with the children, or finally knowing how to listen and empathize with your partner’s feelings.

If separation or divorce becomes your decision, you have each acquired the tools necessary to move forward with more honesty, integrity and respect. The transition to a SELF-led Divorce™ becomes a healing opportunity rather than the typical adversarial proceeding it might have become.

Your family does not have to be “broken”, but can be peacefully and respectfully “re-structured.”