What is “SELF”?

When you are “in SELF”, you are more calm, clear and compassionate. You speak with more confidence and courage, as you stay connected to your higher consciousness and deeper knowing.

You are not making decisions from reactive “Parts” of you that may be scared, walled, judgmental, angry or retaliatory. You are able to stay in the present moment and co-create a relationship that considers everyone’s needs, starting with your own.

Problems in your relationship are not always about “what” is said but “how” you are saying it. When speaking from SELF, you can create more acceptance, attention, appreciation and affection for each other.

You will feel safe to put down your “protective walls and judgments” so that you can forgive yourself and your partner.

However, at the same time, you will also be able to discuss other possibilities for a new relationship – including a separation, a legal separation, or a SELF-led Divorce®.