Is Compassionate Mediation® the same as marriage counseling?

No, it is more.

In marriage counseling, both parties may seem to be committed to staying in the marriage. However, often one or both may have a secret thought of a separation or divorce that they may not share with their partner. This secret agenda covertly affects the way they are able to participate in the counseling since the discussion about what a separation or divorce would look like is never discussed.

Compassionate Mediation® is a program to help individuals or couples who are ambivalent about their future. The conversation helps them to decide whether to divorce or create a new marriage based on who each party is now and what they each want and need from this time forward.

The short term process of Compassionate Mediation® Program gives you and your partner information about all of your options, including a separation, legal separation, or a divorce.

With full knowledge of your potential rights, responsibilities, gains and losses, you might renew your desire to truly heal your current relationship and make positive actions in the direction of meeting both of your needs.

If divorce is ultimately your final outcome, you will embark on the process with much more confidence, clarity and calm, and be able to create a SELF-led Divorce®.