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Compassionate Mediation® - Communicate from Your Best SELF

Compassionate Mediation® starts with Compassionate Communication

If you are having conflict in your relationship, Compassionate Mediation® will help. You will learn how to connect to your highest and best SELF and resolve your issues with empathy and respect.

Compassionate Mediation®  starts with Compassionate Communication. To learn more, please join me on my upcoming webinar “Should I Stay or Should I Go? — Five Vital Questions to Help You Know.

Linda Kroll's Compassionate Mediation® Program can add passion to your marriage or compassion to your divorce!

Should I Stay or Should I Go?  Heal and Transform Your Relationship!

Would you like to create an amazing relationship?
Do you believe you could have the marriage of your dreams?
Or have you given up hope that it could ever happen with your current partner?

It IS possible, and I’ll show you how!

Wherever you are in your relationship right now, I can help.
If you:
        Want to make things better and don’t know how.
        Are tired of marriage counseling that isn’t working or didn’t help.
        Feel confused or scared about staying or going.
        Know you want a divorce.

A Prayer for Healing When Divorce is An Option


“Love is the answer – and it starts with loving your SELF.”

My Prayer for a Peaceful Parting

The night before I was to be in court to finalize my divorce after a very long separation, I was moved to convert my sadness, hurt and anger into hope for a new beginning.

I wrote a prayer.

When I arrived at the courtroom, I gave a copy to my formerly beloved (and soon to be ex) husband and to his attorney. I hoped to end our marriage in a way that would set the tone for a peaceful and respectful co-creation of our future restructured family.

I wanted us to always be able to Compassionately Communicate –to connect our highest and best SELF, let go of all the limiting (and judgmental) beliefs we held, unburdened pain from the past, and relate from our hearts.

I hoped we could protect our children from the shrapnel of any more animosity or conflict.

Help for Your "Unhappy Marriage?"

inner child, self love, self care

Hi, Dear Ones, I just wanted to share the story I wrote for my six year old granddaughter — who didn't want to order her own hamburger last night and cried when I suggested she tell the waiter instead of tell me. After I wrote it, I realized it applies to me too. Sending love to all!

The Proud and "Perfect" Princess

Once upon a time lived a beautiful Princess who was very proud and wanted to be seen as perfect.

A Better Way to Get Divorced with Compassionate Mediation®

There Is a Better Way to Get Divorced 

(... for everyone considering, in the middle, or even past a divorce.)

My heart goes out to you.

Your family doesn’t need to be “broken,” but can be peacefully and respectfully “re-structured.” Your children need to be shielded from the shrapnel of your hurt or animosity. Love is the answer — and it starts with loving your SELF.

Linda Kroll’s Settlement Intention

         I intend to have a peaceful and respectful settlement meeting, in which all parties come together from their Highest Selves and their own inner guidance and wisdom.

My Prayer for a Peaceful Parting

Linda Kroll’s Settlement Prayer                           

         I pray for a peaceful and respectful settlement meeting, in which all parties come together from their Highest Selves and their truest connection to Your guidance, wisdom and love.

Feelings and Self Care

All of our Parts are trying to be helpful, no matter what their behavior. When we can love them for their intentions, they can transform and become valuable consultants and protectors. Love is always the answer- starting with Loving your SELF.

My Triumvirate of Tyrants
Seeks to bully me
As they jockey for position
To find which of these big three