More EASE, Please!

I just have to share this with you!

For weeks, the "e" key on my computer stopped working. I put off getting it fixed, and when I finally focused on doing that - I was four days out of warranty and looking at a $900 repair.

I procrastinated getting the help I needed and instead overcompensated by cutting and pasting in "e's" when I typed (yes, it was THAT nutty and labor-intensive!)

Inspired to add more music to my life and remember to add more loving care for myself, I started to journal. Here's what I wrote, and here's what happened. It's a miracle! :-)

I WROTE just now:

I’m going to take time to SLOW DOWN today…. and Breathe.

I’ve been moving at warp speed - (I'll spare you the list of manic activities I wrote....)

So much still to do, but listening to music and writing now are my priorities in the moment.

Oh yes I also.... (more lists)... and THEN! comes the miracle....

OMG - just by slowing down the "e’s" on my computer just started working again. OMG! I have been copying and pasting for days now!

SLOWING DOWN, music, breathing, taking time…. the EASE of the “e’s” just miraculously appeared. It is a miracle. I’m laughing. I made it all harder on myself by over-compensating instead of taking the time to slow down and focus on what needs to be done FIRST.

FIRST comes MEEEEEEEE- with lots of EASY EASE - eeeeeeeee - they are back - my lost e’s.

It’s a miracle. Wow, G-d and the Universe - and my angels and guides, are all here to support me - if I just SLOW DOWN enough to LET THEM!!!

Thanks to all my angels and guides in my life. I love having my ease (e's) back! Love to all! <3 <3 <3

Now what can YOU do right now to add more EASE to YOUR LIFE! 

Sending love and support always.... xoxoxo