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The Power of Forgivness - We are all Super Heroes!

The Power of Forgiveness

I go see every Super Hero movie. The latest one was Wonder Woman, and I even took my seven year old granddaughter —before I realized it was PG! (Sorry, Maisie, for having to cover your eyes sometimes!)

The reason I wanted her to see it was because Wonder Woman stood for the Power of Love — which is a good message to share.

I wanted her to know we are all Super Heroes, with infinite strength to create what we want. And I think one of our best super-powers is the Power of Forgiveness.

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Hi, Dear Ones, I just wanted to share the story I wrote for my six year old granddaughter — who didn't want to order her own hamburger last night and cried when I suggested she tell the waiter instead of tell me. After I wrote it, I realized it applies to me too. Sending love to all!

The Proud and "Perfect" Princess

Once upon a time lived a beautiful Princess who was very proud and wanted to be seen as perfect.

Once Transformed, No Need to Go Back. Butterfly Emerging.

May, l994

                                                Let  Me Help....                                                  


Take my hand and let me help you

            unlock the secrets

                        of your heart,

                                    your mind,

                                                your soul.

Let me help you

            explore your feelings

                        understand your thinking

                                    realize your motives

Dearest G-d,
Please grant me the serenity to shut off my mind, with its need to accomplish, plan, finish, produce…. To allow for the flow of Your Guidance to lead me.

Please help me rest in the comfort of Your Presence and Support and remember that right timing is always working. That if I do what is in front of me from a place of inner peace, You will offer support in many forms.