Apology to My Inner Child

My Precious,

I see you, My Love. I truly do. And I’m so sorry I stay too busy to spend time with you.

I see how patiently you wait, as if you have no right to:
      ask for what you need.
      be angry that you are being marginalized and ignored.
      be seen and acknowledged for who you are and all you share

You are a Light, Sweetheart, a light in this world and a light in my heart.

I am here with you, even as you wait for the connections and acknowledgment you desire.

You are not alone, even though that is how you have felt for so long.

So, My Love, please forgive me for all the busy-ness I have put in our way.

Please forgive me for not making time to just BE with you.

Please forgive me for ignoring your needs and your desires and your feelings for so long.

I promise
• to stay with you always
• to be here when you need me
• to listen to your feelings
• to meet your needs
• to acknowledge your value, importance, contribution and love
• and to always offer you all that you deserve.

G-d bless you always, my precious and adored Sweet Child, as you continue to bless others - just be BEING YOU!