Welcome to my site where you will find resources to improve all your relationships - starting with the one you have with your SELF. 

As a therapist, mediator, attorney, author and coach, I help individuals, couples and families heal and transform their relationships from the inside out.

As you become more loving and compassionate with yourself, you become more loving with others.

I offer you all the support, guidance and the technique of Compassionate Communication to transform your life and relationships.

With SELF-awareness, higher consciousness and empathy, your children (and your “inner children”) will share more peace, love and joy.

I look forward to connecting with you!


Compassionate Communication will enrich all your relationships.
You can:

Enjoy More Passion and Fun
Compassionate Relationships

Want a deeper connection?

Bring your best SELF to your relationship for more peace, love, and joy.

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Decide Whether to Stay or Go
Compassionate Mediation ®

Not Sure What You Want to Do?

Add passion to your marriage or compassion to your divorce with Compassionate Mediation®.

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Create a Peaceful Divorce
Compassionate SELF-LEd Divorce

Disconnect with respect?

Create a SELF-led Divorce® and heal your family with courage and compassion.  

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Compassionate Mediation®

Compassionate Mediation® Training will help you to:

Engage your clients as they heal and transform their relationship from their higher SELF.

Provide information they need to make calm, confident and empowered decisions for their future.

Offer a new paradigm for conflict resolution to help create a new and better relationship.

Lead your clients to a compassionate parting or SELF-led Divorce®.

Earn more money as you help more people.

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With Love From Linda

Linda’s transformative systems of Compassionate Communication, Compassionate Mediation® and SELF-Led Divorce® have helped thousands of people to relate with more kindness, resolve conflict respectfully, and change the face of divorce — one heart at a time.