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When it comes to your relationships, what’s the single biggest challenge that you’re running into right now?

Hi, I’m Linda Kroll, and I'm a therapist, mediator, attorney, author and coach. I work with people who are struggling with the most important relationships in their life. I do this all day every day.

If you would like to improve your relationships right now, you’re in the right place. But there is no one size fits all solution.

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About Linda

My lifelong mission is to reach as many people as possible with the messages of self-love and compassion. Through awareness, higher consciousness, and empathy, I believe we can make the world a safer place from which to heal and transform our most intimate relationships. We can positively influence the lives of our children and create more peace, love, and joy in the world.

My primary philosophy is “Love is the answer, but it starts with loving your SELF.”

For over twenty years, I have taught my version of Compassionate Communication to help you connect to your highest and best SELF, let go of limiting beliefs, heal burdens from your past, and relate from your heart. Compassionate Communication helps you create more authentic, kind, and empathetic relationships.

I combine psychology and spirituality, along with financial and legal information, to offer a complete resource for relationship healing and transformation.

I have the honor of being recognized as an expert in psychotherapy, mediation, and spiritual counseling. My trademarked systems of Compassionate Mediation® and SELF-Led Divorce® have helped thousands of couples who were at a crossroads in their relationships. They have been able to heal and transform their relationships from their highest and best SELF.

I also offer training programs for therapists, mediators, attorneys, clergy and coaches to apply these unique systems to their own practice.

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With Love from Linda

This video was made by me a few years ago - when I was a 65 year old “non-techy” grandmother of three! Today I'm almost 70!

All the photos, words, transitions, and editing were done by me alone - proving we are never too old to learn something new. :-)

My thanks to Josh Groban for his beautiful song, reminding us of the power we have when we Believe in our SELF.

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I hope you enjoy the video - then please look around the site and see what else is here for you!